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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All repairs hold 12 months warranty on part(s) and service(s) provided. Fixmebob are not responsible for faults caused by previous damage to your handset.

Water damage repairs hold a 30-day warranty as these can be affected by long term damage.

We advise clients/customers to charge devices before repair, Handsets that are discharged (no power) before repair and have further unseen issues are not covered by Fixmebob.

If you are unwilling to have your phone returned to you either by delivery or drop off, Fixmebob will recycle the phone in order to reimburse the cost of repair or service carried out. If Fixmebob is unable to return the phone to the owner and are unable to make contact with the customer. FixMeBob will recycle the phone to reimburse the cost of repair, this will commence six weeks from the date of FixMeBob receiving the handset.

If the handset sent in for repair is found to be liquid damaged or ESD (Electrostatic discharge) damaged, FixMeBob will inform the client of this before continuing with the repair as FixMeBob cannot be held liable for any other faults with the phone. There is a 12 month warranty on the part replaced which only applies if the part has naturally failed, if however it has failed due to any disingenuous reasons that are not natural the warranty for the part will not be held. Warranty from the manufacture will be voided once the device has been handled by FixMeBob.

Parts used for repairing by FixMeBob are not original. In the event of the device being lost in transit it is the sole responsibility of the owner of the phone to pursue insurance through the courier service. If the device once returned to the client have any other faults, physically or with functionality it is the clients responsibility to prove them to have been working prior to FixMeBob handling the device.

All repairs are covered under the no fix no fee policy and no charge will be applied for the repair. Just a call out fee will apply.